What the Archive contains – A Brief description

A Brief History of the Archive and a Guide to its contents

The recordings which the Archive contains date back over 43 years,  with recordings having been made continuously since 1973 (there is also a small section of earlier recordings of seminars by leading physicists recorded in the USA in 1966-68)

They are recordings of seminars, conferences, symposia, workshops, lectures and lecture courses, interviews, round table and panel discussions and other video and audio recordings in Mathematics, Physics and Philosophy, particularly Philosophy of Science.

The material recorded was chosen chiefly for its bearing on broadly foundational questions and conceptual issues.

Today the Archive houses approximately 22, 750 recordings, including around 8, 500 videos.  In addition to the recordings themselves there are some 250  large document boxes containing supporting documentation connected to the Interviews, Lectures and Seminars, such as overheads, handouts,  some transcripts and detailed contemporary notes and photographs.

An expanding network of voluntary helpers are today continuing to record important Conferences, Lectures, Seminars and Interviews in several countries and new material is added every week.