Meet the team: Joe

Joe is a maths PhD student at the University of Bristol, originally from Watford. He’s interning at the Archive Trust until November. He studies the representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras. Someone has to.

He irons more than most students (ie, at all), and is currently trying to read more books by the late Ursula K. Le Guin.

Last year, he saw more than fifty-five films at the cinema. He stayed awake during all of them. His attempts at lyrical contemporary and jazz dance have been described as “dangerous” and “upsetting”. He has cosplayed as Tintin and Kimmy Schmidt. Professor Caroline Series FRS once shook his hand. When he was younger, his dream was to work for International Rescue.

Do ask: What can you tell me about giraffes?

Don’t ask: What does F.A.B. stand for?