meet the team

Meet the team: Edmund

Edmund is a business planner and entrepreneur, probably from Aberysthwyth or Devizes or something. Before collaborating with the Archive Trust, he helped manage servers and software for the UK Government. He thinks living on a boat is cool, because he lives on a boat. He also thinks dad jokes are funny. Can you guess why? […]

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Meet the team: Mike

Mike is a retired businessman, originally from Hatch End. He has been collecting the recordings in the archive for over forty years. He enjoys the music of Tom Lehrer, the books of Val McDermid, and any anecdotes about mathematicians you might have lying around. For many years, Mike lived in France. He still maintains a

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Meet the team: Joe

Joe is a maths PhD student at the University of Bristol, originally from Watford. He’s interning at the Archive Trust until November. He studies the representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras. Someone has to. He irons more than most students (ie, at all), and is currently trying to read more books by the late Ursula K.

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